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Window Graphics

Window Graphics are the finishing touch to any shop or office frontage. Your windows are a blank canvas area that you can exploit by adding branding, style, and/or offers.

You can be as subtle or over the top as you want and we can offer you some different options here that may take your fancy.

Contra vision/Contraflow

An excellent product, Contra Vision transforms glass into opportunities for advertising, branding, architectural expression, one-way privacy and solar control. When looking at the side with graphics, the eye is drawn to the printed colours because they reflect more light than passes through the gaps in the ink patterns. From the other side, the view through the film is dominant because the black layer absorbs light. Full colour window graphics are great for reinforcing a brand or promoting a product or service. The eyes of passers-by are drawn to the advertising and it drives footfall in shops. Shoppers inside retain their view of the street and also benefit from privacy, shading, and reductions in solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation.

Full colour prints

A powerful option to block out light and use the space for a full size advert. This is a perfect way to drive adverts and branding into the limelight and forefront of the advertising space. This is ideal for full block outs and/or half window coverings. Clever designs can have a huge impact.

One colour vinyl's

Perfect for old branding without full colour and/or blocking out a whole space. Good for advertising text such as phone, web and products along side offers and communication. Not for full colour images.


A classy but subtle option that works extremely well in many environments including offices, shop fronts, and restaurants. The product lets light in while blocking the view so ideal where light is needed alongside privacy. Every brand offers different opportunities, and every shop front is different. please contact us so we can research your project and offer you the best advise along with working towards your budget you hold.

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