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Shop Signs

The name above the door is one of the most important pieces of branding you will ever need. Think about standing in a high street of a town that you have just visited and never before been to. In front of you there, are 2 restaurants, one with a nice looking, clean, fresh and bright sign and the other, a dingy, dull dirty sign. You and the rest of the world will naturally think the nice looking frontage will offer the better service, or better quality food and overall experience. This works for EVERY business. Your shop needs to enhance the look and feel of your shop, beat your neighbours, competitors and the whole street by showing off your business from the front.

Main Back Panel - Foam Board, Alupanel, Ali-Tray

Logo/Text Decoration - Vinyl Covering, Acrylic Lettering, Fret Cut Ali-Tray, Built Up Letters

Lighting Options - Back Lit, Halo Lit, Trough Lights, over overhead lights

Other Available Options - Window Graphics, Protruding lights

Main Back Panel

The main back panel is the base of your new sign. We can offer several different options that will work with both your brand look and your budget. Your standard options are Foam Board, Alupanel, Ali-Tray. Foam board is the cheapest option that ideally requires an aliminum frame to hold the sign in. The panel will be produced in the required size and a lip will be added to the back of the sign and it'll hang on the frame. This is a cost effective way of producing a new sign. Alupanel sign board can be made and can look great - the negatives of this is that it'll have to be screwed into the wall on the face of the sign so the screws will be visible, you can use this to your advantage but making it look deliberate, this works extremely well on industrial looking signage. Ali-Trays are the most popular option. Fixed to the wall via an angle bracket and screwed in via the top and bottom of the sign leaving the face of the sign clear of fixings. Now you have the plain sign on the wall you need to consider how to add your logo, text and/or decoration. Please read the next section on this.

Shop Sign Image3d Letter SignsFret Cut Ali TrayVinyl COvered Ali Tray

Logo/Text Decoration

The next step to your perfect sign is to think about the decoration on the back board. Here you have several options too... Vinyl Covering, Acrylic Lettering, Fret Cut Ali-Tray, Built Up Letters. Vinyl covering is the easiest and cheapest option. You can have either single coloured vinyl added and/or full-colour. Or the whole sign could be wrapped in the design of your choice. You can incorporate acrylic lettering, normally fitted with a 25mm stand off fixing behind as to lift the letter off the sign back board and offer a shadow effect which ooozes quality. This can be worked well with the vinly decals on the same board. Fret-cut is an option that needs to be explored pre-manufacture of the sign tray. We will need to stencil cut you letters/logo from a flat sheet, we then make the tray from the materials, back it with an opal acrylic and when you switch the lights on behind it illuminates the letters only offering a truely brilliant and effective way of illuminating your sign. and finally built up letters. This is the most expensive option but looks top notch. Each letter or design is cut out in a 3d effect and raised off the back board. offering a simply brilliant way of illuminating via halo leds and really stading out from the crowd for quality. 

Shop Sign Image3d Letter SignsFret Cut Ali TrayVinyl COvered Ali Tray

Lighting Options

Your lighting options need to be considered right at the very begining of the sign choice. You have the options of Back LIT tray, Trough lights, Halo illuminated and an over hanging light. 

Shop Sign Image3d Letter SignsFret Cut Ali TrayVinyl COvered Ali Tray

Other Options

Pro signs, hanging signs, and window decals... Here are some great examples.

Shop Sign Image3d Letter SignsFret Cut Ali TrayVinyl COvered Ali Tray

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